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Squid Nigeria Limited is a strategic international logistics & procurement service provider.

We engage in a full range of Logistics & Procurement Services; as per Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance Supply Chain Management, Storage and Leasing services for major oil & gas, and telecommunication projects. Squid’s world class Logistics and  Procurement center is located in Lagos, at the heart of its core operations.

Our relationship with major ocean carriers, airlines, and a broad range of local landslide service providers, enables us to put together a tailor-made package to meet our customer’s specific need.

Squid provides the following core services to various industries:

                      International Freight Forwarding 

                      Customs Clearance

                      International / Local Removals and Relocation's

                      Supply Chain Management

                      Door to Door Deliveries

                      Procurement of Industrial Equipment and Materials

                      Office / Personal Effects Handling

                      Vehicular Equipment (Light / Heavy)

                      Renewable Energy Equipment’s and Components

                      Medical Equipment

                      Educational Facilities 

Squid is built on the expertise and heritage of a global alliance company and establishing itself as an integral part of Nigerian growing and diversifying energy / logistic sector; with proven track-record of servicing the world’s leading international and national oil and gas companies.

Squid provides extensive experience of collaborating with new businesses in the region, along with its knowledge of the region’s energy industries, government’s policies and major organizations.


  • Bias & Radial
  • Premium Brands;
  • Magna Tires Australia


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Mining
  • Water-well



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