Supply Chain Management


Squid experienced operations team will coordinate the fast, efficient and cost-effective delivery of goods anywhere worldwide, from source to site.

Our consolidation hubs are strategically positioned in key countries and our alliance with freight forwarders worldwide ensure the most effective and cost efficient method of delivery around the globe.

                   Global reach
Our network of original equipment manufacturers, dealers, alliances and consolidation hubs stretch across the planet, enabling maximum efficiency and the capacity to deliver 'on time in full'

                   Process management
Squid assists with inventory analysis, min / max and re-order point setting, critical spares review and more

                   Quality Control – Receiving
our inspection and quality control service guarantees that all goods are checked for quality, damage, quantities and part number accuracy on receipt and before shipment to make sure you get exactly what you ordered

                   Quality Control – Packing
our team are experienced in packing according to the nature of the goods, mode of transport, security and destination, for protection against damage or loss in transit


In-Country Support

We offer our clients more than just purchasing and supply. We also have the capability to provide in-country support as an ongoing requirement or for specific projects.

It’s not just about going the extra mile; we pride ourselves on our flexibility to offer customized solutions whether it is short term assistance on site, License and Certificate processing or Partnerships for ongoing improvements.

Our specialist project management teams are able to be deployed to your site to assist with critical challenges, or in pretty much any area needed.


Lighting & Electrical

  • Lighting Towers
  • Electrical Components & Conduit
  • Data & Communications

Hydraulic Equipment

  • Pneumatics & Pumps
  • Instrumentation, Hoses & Fittings
  • Motors, etc


  • Fitness Equipment
  • Stationery
  • Etc

MRO & Site Consumables

  • Lifting & Rigging 
  • Workshop Equipment 
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Products

Off-the-road Tyres

  • Bias & Radial
  • Premium Brands;
  • Magna Tires Australia


  • Bias & Radial
  • Premium Brands;
  • Magna Tires Australia


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Mining
  • Water-well



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